What’s this all about???

Over a year ago I stumbled upon a new direction. I’ve been practicing yoga, thoughtful eating and slightly holistic care for several years. I’ve been eating local and organic as much as possible and really trying to utilize natural alternatives for general wellness and healing. I also meditated frequently in college which is far too many years ago to name right now. ;) Over the past few years things started to change though.

I returned to the beloved Cleveland area in 2005 after living the life and pursuing an education. It was good to be back but I quickly found things changing and not for the better. The past 7 years have been a challenge. I’ve struggled to redefine myself professionally. It also has been difficult trying to recognize the path I should be taking and reconciling it with the one I’m on. My family can be toxic at times and I even now sometimes wonder why I came back. It is trying to say the least and I often find myself desperately seeking balance and solitude.

I’ve had a few different health issues that basically stem from autoimmune issues. Nothing life threatening but life altering. That is what brought me to holistic medicine. I don’t want to expound on the entire journey in this post however, different aspects of my journey will be discussed topically.

Now that I’ve fully immersed in a different way of being I thought it would be helpful to examine where I’ve been and how I’m moving forward. I hope that through this I can hear other’s stories of bliss.

Namaste :)

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