Week 1…

Part of my continued journey has been reintegrating yoga practice into my daily routine.  I first experienced true bliss in a yoga studio and from that moment I’ve been chasing it! One of my favorite things about yoga is the flexibility.  There certainly are correct ways to perform the postures but everything can be modified to fit the individual.  That means there truly isn’t one right way to do something which is great.  That means ANYONE can do yoga and get some benefit, even if you can’t be all pretzel-like. ;)

I recently checked out a bunch of yoga books from the library.  I like to see what is out there and experience it some before I purchase.  I’ve been taking a restorative yoga class that I love and wanted to see if I could get some books to supplement my practice.  One of the books I stumbled upon was The Yoga Body DietI’m not a huge fan of diets or the word even.  It seems that we spend a considerable amount of time trying to force our bodies into some kind of mold that we can’t always fit into.  So I skeptically began reading this book.  What eased my mind was the first sentence of the first page: A yoga body is the one you have, now only healthier. Yay! Embrace yourself, love yourself, accept yourself and health follows.

The premise is pretty simple, change your way of living and change your life.  As we all know, that can be easier said than done.  The program is set up for four weeks of “study”. The author often notes that you can get a do-over all the time.  One of the main focuses about the plan is that you do the best you can and you can always start over or redo your week.

In addition to yoga practice, the book integrates Ayurvedic principles.  I’m totally down with this and love that these principles are being explored so deeply in this book!

I don’t want to bog you down too much with info overload but the basis of week 1 is to rid the body of ama and balance the acidity of your body.  How exactly do you do this??? Well all you do the first week is change how you eat. Nothing else!

So for week 1 you sip hot water throughout the day, stop snacking, eat three to four meals a day with lunch at high noon your heaviest meal.  I’m a big tea drinker so the hot liquid thing isn’t going to be hard.  I don’t frequently snack so that should be easy too.  However, the next requirement is going to be EXTREMELY difficult for me: eat quietly and midfully. No computer, no talking, no texting, no reading – just eating.  I eat lunch at my desk most days and the others I go out to lunch with friends.  In fact every other week, my department eats lunch together in the conference room! This will be my challenge, as well as making sure I get enough rest.

From the book:

Week 1 – Teach Your Body to Burn Fat Again

The Change: Change how, not what, you eat.

The Benefit: Hydrate properly, cure cravings, decrease bloating and eliminate regularly.


Namaste :)

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