Finding my dosha

What’s a dosha you might ask? Well, simply put it is your unique arrangement of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual traits – your essence. Part of The Yoga Body Diet is figuring out what your essence is and how to make sure everything is in balance and harmonious. That is where Eastern medicine and Western medicine begin to really divert paths. There is a recognition in both that imbalances exist and do exist in people, how those imbalances are dealt with are one of the core differences. In Western medicine, the typical response is to medicate and in Eastern the typical response is to define the imbalance and bring the body and spirit back into balance.

As a reiki practitioner, I understand the need, the requirement for balance to bring healing and change. I’m not sure how much I buy into the idea of eating for your dosha as the book suggests but I can do four weeks of anything, truly only three because in week 1 nothing on that end changes. You can take the dosha test and figure out what ‘type’ you might be and how closely you actually identify with that type. Be warned that the online test doesn’t tally the letters for you so you will need to tally your answers to be added up in the end.

When I read the brief descriptions for each of the types, I thought for sure I had identified myself. I was wrong and when I read a more in-depth description, I could definitely relate to the personality they were describing.

I get and can appreciate this desire to give specific focus and an Ayurvedic bend to this process. As I said before, I really appreciate the additional perspective and information. I do also think that the type idea is a bit of an oversimplification. The true test will be following the suggestions! ;)

I began reading another book last night which I will discuss more fully in a future post. It discusses yoga and how it can help with trauma. The overall message is one of release and balance. In yoga and meditation we can truly find peace and balance if we are ready and willing to participate in that. Sometimes we aren’t completely ready. Sometimes we just can’t quite get the pose or experience without some discomfort. It is those times when we need to have patience with ourselves and our practice. Breathe deeply and calmly wait for the change that is coming. Yoga translates so well into daily life. Often we feel like we are swimming upstream, fighting for every accomplishment, feeling that pull backwards as we strive for the top. Sometimes all it takes is a quiet mind and a few deep breaths to bring us back to center. Once we can feel that inner quiet, we can accomplish anything.



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