Declaring a path…

In the fall of 2011, I began to more fully develop my love of yoga.  It is something I’ve done for several years off and on. I didn’t have a home practice, but I have several DVDs and I’d pick up packages every once and while at local studios.  The fall found me discovering parts of myself that had been not as loud as others.  I was focusing on making a ton of jewelry to keep up with the holiday season and just busier than ever.  By December I was feeling over worked and frantic.  I needed to find peace and inner quiet.  I returned to yoga after the holiday.

Honestly it wasn’t planned or grasping, it just kind of happened.  Things flowed together and I started doing it more frequently.  I read a bunch of books.  Started learning new styles and practicing a ton.  During this time I also began my Reiki journey.  In August I will gain my Master certification.  It has been a great journey and Reiki has brought so much to my life.  I don’t think I’ve even fully realized it all to be honest.  I can’t wait to see how things grow more with Reiki.

While I worked on my Reiki and completed my meditations and practice sessions, I was also doing yoga pretty much daily to help keep grounded.  Yoga just feels like home to me.  I cannot adequately express it through words at this point.  As this evolved and I developed a home practice, I found myself considering teaching yoga.  The help that I’ve provided through Reiki has been such a gift to me.  Connecting to someone in that healing and pure way is an amazing experience.  I suddenly thought about how I connect to everyone when I’m at a yoga class. This led me to considering the next step in my journey.  I’ve submitted my application to the fall yoga teacher training at the studio I call home.  I’m so excited!

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