Switching things up!

Last night I attended an Anusara yoga class at Westside Yoga.  There was a guest instructor that my current teacher suggested I check out. The class was packed into a small room and we began with some chanting and singing.  Then Marni started to lead us through the asanas to prepare us for dragonfly! I attempted but was unable to complete.  I did learn a few new poses which is always nice.  One thing that struck me was that I never check out classes anywhere else than my regular safe and comfy studio. I had planned on a workshop at the end of June at another studio but this was my real first adventure of yoga with new faces and hands.  All in all it was an awesome experience! This class experience was a reminder to sometimes leave my comfort zone and see what else is out there.  It was great to check out another instructor, a new venue and a different style!  My favorite quote from last night is below.  Namaste

As a person’s desire is, so is their destiny. For as their desire is, so is their will; and as their will is, so is their deed; and as their deed is, so is their reward, whether good or bad. A person acts according to the desires to which they cling. After death they go to the next world bearing in their mind the subtle impressions of their deeds; and, after reaping there the harvest of his deeds, they return again to this world of action. Those who have desires continue subject to rebirth.
-Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

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