Back to the Mat

Well! June was quite a month for me. I had to have a major surgery to help remove some obstructions that have been making it difficult to breathe. I was certainly not prepared for the recovery process! I totally underestimated the recovery period! I didn’t expect the pain to be as bad, the drugs to make me so loopy and my body to rebel the way it did.

I (used) to workout daily.  In addition to a daily yoga practice, I got anywhere from 30-60mins of good hard cardio in every day.  My surgery came with instructions of NO physical activity for 3 WEEKS! Wait, WHAT!? Um, yes. It is true.  And as a result my body went into this crazy shock. I’ve missed the yoga the most but my body misses everything.  June 30th was the day I became street legal (again). I did a two our workout in celebration. ;) And then, after showering, eating and sending some emails, proceeded to take a 2.5 hour nap.  (hehe) Since then I’ve tried to get at least 30 mins of yoga and 30 mins of cardio in each day.

In some respects, it feels like I haven’t worked out in three weeks and in others it feel like it was just yesterday that I was pedaling like a maniac or flying through a vinyasa. One of the hardest things about being back is noticing what I’ve lost in those three weeks.  In my yoga bootcamp class last weekend, it was as if I’d never held a weight in my life. This like many other things though, has bee a good practice.  It is reminding me that yoga (life) (workouts) happens where you ARE not where you were or where you’ll be. And the is probably the best thing about this situation! Sometimes I need a reminder to appreciate and embrace the now! Forget the past and ignore fantasies of the future.  But RELISH the now! Today, where I am, is a place that I’ve never been and will never again be.  And the is the best part of yoga (and life).


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